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Coworking is the new innovative trend in the workplace industry. An alternative to traditional offices, this novel concept allows independent workers, startups and entrepreneurs to share an open workspace instead of the conventional cubicle. This concept works best for freelancers and work-at-home or coffee shop workaholics.

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Why invest in a coworking space?

A traditional office will be time and energy consuming with you having to take care of everything right from the construction to the maintenance. While at a coworking you pay a monthly rent to use the desired space, freeing yourself from binding contracts, miscellaneous bills and deposits. While coworking you will encounter

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Your Experience In A Gist

  • Air-conditioned Work Space (Dedicated/Flexible including utilities of Electricity and drinking water).
  • High-speed wireless broadband connection.
  • A well maintained toilet.
  • Locking cabinets for private cabins and dedicated desks.
  • Ergonomic chairs for comfortable body posture while working.
  • Pin boards for dedicated desks and private cabins.
  • Clip board for common space.
  • Mini fridge for storing lunch.
  • Water kettle for hot water facilities.
(Not included in Service Rentals)
  • Tea/coffee (tie-up with local vendors below the building).
  • Locker facility for common space table (Locker rent: Rs.500 a month).
  • The common space table can be used on Sundays for meetings, events and workshops for an hourly rent of Rs.1000

The entire space is under 24-hour security camera surveillance.

There is a lot going on at 14 The Hub in terms of expansion, community building, events etc and we would love to host you and your team and have you as a part of this growing community.

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